Monthly Archives: March 2013

Indesign User Group

I went to an Indesign Usergroup meeting yesterday. The session was about publishing digital versions of magazines. The speaker showed us how to use adobe edge to animate elements of the layout. Here’s a sketch of his head that I made in tvpaint on my galaxy note 10.1. He had some awesome sideburns.


Garry Maitland Sketch Club

A few sketches of Gary from this week’s sketch club meeting at The Maitland Art Center. This week was a long pose. I need to work up some discipline to paint a single picture in that time frame, but for now here’s a bunch of different sketches from different angles.
GaryMaitland_001 watercolor pencil and watercolorGaryMaitland_002 watercolor crayonsGaryMaitland_003 inkGaryMaitland_004