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Garry Maitland Sketch Club

Garry from today’s sketchclub session at The Maitland Art Center

This was a 2.5 hour pose with breaks every 20 minutes. I sketched out the pose in my sketchbook then took a picture of it with my galaxy note 10.1. Then I spent the rest of the time painting in tvpaint. This is the first time I’ve used my tablet for live model figure drawing, and it was fun. I will have to get used to tvpaint’s hotkeys and workflow, but so far I am enjoying the brush engine.


Indesign User Group

I went to an Indesign Usergroup meeting yesterday. The session was about publishing digital versions of magazines. The speaker showed us how to use adobe edge to animate elements of the layout. Here’s a sketch of his head that I made in tvpaint on my galaxy note 10.1. He had some awesome sideburns.